Natural Selection.Moving Sculptures: V8ga's Re-Cap of Break Dance Battle

Written By: Anthony “V8ga” Hilliard

Content Edited By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Monte of Vizualbully 

I grew up watching my uncle and cousins spin and break on cardboard boxes. I tried to emulate their moves but the best I could do, with limited rhythm and coordination, was spin on one knee briefly lol. People have always been fascinated with this free form of dance. It is undeniably a rare, beautiful talent. We watched Turbo and Ozone on the Breakin” movies battle Electro Rock. Immature and B2K did it for Lil Saint. However, locating actual B-boys and B-girls was like searching for Jedi Knights. It turns out that breakdancing isn’t a forgotten art form. It’s more of a question of being in the know.

The Lux Blog had the privilege of linking with The Raleigh Rockers B-Boy Crew, a group founded in 2007. The year 2010 marked their first official battle as a crew. The Rocker’s teach workshops, host competitions, and travel to perform. Recently, they invited The Lux to their battle event “Natural Selection” at NC State’s Talley Student Union Ballroom. This tournament was a raw display of 1 on 1 all-styles and breaking competition. Contestants were thrown into combat with equal time to impress the judges and serve their competition. Opponents stood across from each other in the middle of a circle of kneeling peers and onlookers. The Host Andrew “Kata” Ngo explained the rules then the DJ dropped a random beat and that was it, dance mortal combat.

Dancer’s fused their body movements into an array of tempos, twisting and contorting, popping and locking, moon walking, and winding figures into pure art in the form of moving sculptures. Although competition was merciless it was apparent that these warriors had mutual respect and admiration for each other. I caught up with a few of these artists between rounds.  

How long have u been a B-boy? Akuma of Outlawz crew IG: @Outlaw_Akuma

I’ve been breaking now for about 9 ½ years

What’s one of your favorite songs to break to?

James Brown anything funky! So James Brown for sure.

Do you have a personal favorite B-boy or someone you grew up watching?

SlugRat of www.streetratscrew  IG : @Calebheble

I like the Ukrainians and the Russians they’re my favorites, they have a certain style that they do that I look up to.

What’s your inspiration?

Dom-Sebastian of Gate City Breakers IG: @thebboyballet_

I’ve always been dancing, my grandmother told me that I was standing on my head when I was a toddler, me and my moms used to dance in the kitchen, 2 step’n.

Do you have a favorite style of music to dance to?

Anything funky, groovy, something that just has an awesome beat as far as percussion goes. It also has a nice selection of instruments, not synthesized but like real instruments played by real people and doesn’t sound like it was a keyboard the whole way through, but I still like a little bit of that keyboard stuff in the mixture. A little bit of the old, a little of the new.

The Event lived up to its title of "Natural Selection" which is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive. Two winners emerged out of the 16 B-boys and B-girls that competed. Halfbreed won the Breaking category, and @travSkits took home the All-Styles Battle. An honorable mention goes out to @Outlaw_Akuma who made it to the finals in both categories. Chances are, you could close your eyes, dig in your pocket, pull out a quarter and chuck it, guaranteed to ding a rapper or a unsuspecting DJ. You can check any bathroom stall, subway cart, or friend’s notebook and find high quality graffiti. There’s one element however where acceptance is unwavering. Thanks go out to The Raleigh Rockers Crew for keeping this art form pure and available here in the heart of NC.

It’s The Lux! V8ga Out

AJ "V8ga" Hilliard