Shanae M. Artis is More Than A Make-Up Artist: A Confidence Enhancer

Written By: Vanessia Morgan Johnson

Photo Credit: Shanae M. Artis

I was presented the opportunity to interview Shanae M. Artis. To be honest, when I heard that she was a make-up artist I had no idea that I would be interviewing a person with so much more within her. She’s not only a makeup artist, she’s an author, beauty coach, and speaker. Let’s find out a little more about Shanae shall we!

Hi Shanae. I’m so excited about interviewing you! As an author, beauty coach speaker,and blogger you are indeed a powerhouse.

Yes girl I’m trying. I see you did your homework I love that! I am so grateful for the opportunity. I was able to meet The Lux Blog Founder- Kimberly at her 2BeatHIV event and then the opportunity presented itself.

I’m so happy that you both were able to connect! So tell us about yourself! Are you originally from NC? Why Beauty?

I’m originally from New York and came down here a few years ago. I chose beauty because as a person with full lips, I was always picked on and therefore my self-esteem as a child through my high school years was sometimes lessened. A lot of people go through different things in life that cause them to not have a positive self-image. For me it happened to also be sexual assault. Therefore, I started playing in make-up to enhance what God has already given me. No matter what you’ve encountered you have to learn how to love yourself not only on the outside but also from the inside.

What a beautiful testimony! We both share some of the same things. I’m a #TeamFullLippie and multi time sexual assault survivor as well. So I totally understand where you are coming from. You are right the need to know love yourself, know your self-worth is truly important as it impacts every area of our lives. Moving forward, tell us how you started in the industry.

I actually started as a freelance make-up artist back in 2010 and I’ve been going forward ever since. I was able to do so many different events like fashion shows, photo shoots etc… Then I was able to make my own cosmetic line (in which I really want to get back to). One door just seemed to open after another so I found myself walking in purpose.

That’s what we are all here for to walk and live in purpose! I noticed that with your beauty coaching you have program called “Naturally Me Beauty Services.” Tell us a little more about that.

This program is made to enhance what’s already there. So I’d like to say the program helps you focus on your natural features without creating new ones. With my coaching services, whatever you need is tailored just for you. Therefore, there isn’t a particular package and prices vary upon what you request. However, I literally walk with you step by step to make sure you not only know what products to use but how to use them. The services I provide is a 1 on 1 consultation (free), a beauty lesson, and personalized beauty kit. I’m also able to personally shop with and/or for you. Oh, and I also do makeup if you just need it for a special event.

I’m so glad that you have decided to enhance natural features. Although I don’t knock the contouring etc… However, when I get my makeup done, I want to look like “me.”  So I think what you’re doing is awesome! Is beauty coaching what lead to your book?

Thank you I appreciate that. Although everyone is entitled to their own preference of makeup styles, I totally understand you wanting your future husband to recognize you as you walk that aisle. Congrats to you as well! In regards to me being an author, me teaching makeup application has definitely lead to my book.  As of November 2016, I was able to publish my 1st make up guide called “Master the Match.”  This guide helps you match your foundation like a PRO. I started noticing that people were having the hardest times find the correct foundation. What people don’t realize is that it first starts not with the shade but the skin type. Some types of foundations work better with dry, oily, or combination skin and then you have to build from there. As a bonus, I’ve also included a step by step make up application routine and various brands that may work just for you. Whatever questions you’ve been dealing with you can find them in my book, attend a workshop with me or even contact me for one on one. I’ll help you get through it!

Thanks for the congratulations! I must admit, when I saw you were an author I thought it was going to be about your life I had no idea it was going to be a “beauty guide” I was like “rock it out girl.”  I’m going to have to purchase it for myself and do a consultation because I have no idea what to do with anything other than applying foundation and mascara lol.

Thanks girlie! Yes, that’s what the book is for as well as my services. I’d love to help you and others. My purpose is to educate and motivate you to be the BEST YOU, you can be inside out!

Before we end this interview, I always like to close out with an inspiring word from you to our readers. What would you like to tell that person who’s struggling to find their “beauty.”

First I’d like to say: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. No matter what you’ve experienced, no matter what others say know you are beautiful and own it! When you own it others will see it! Beauty is only skin deep but self-worth and self-love goes far beyond. Show your confidence from the inside out!

Notice that smiling beauty, our very own Videographer Indiana Giordani ! 

Notice that smiling beauty, our very own Videographer Indiana Giordani ! 

Lovely words! It has been a pleasure interviewing you! What a wonderful down to earth spirit! What are the ways people can contact you for you various beauty, speaking and workshop services:

I’m all things social media under Shanae M. Artis, website: email: I also have a Facebook community called: Makeup & Mindsets as well as Periscope: Mindset Chat.

Make sure you all connect with Ms. Artis to find inspiration and beauty tips for your everyday living.

-Until the next Blog….

~Vanessia Morgan Johnson

Vanessia Morgan