Chapter 37 Let's Celebrate: Happy Birthday Lynnie

Written By: Kimberly Knight

Video Credit: Tyra Dixon & Indiana Giordani

Happy Thursday Luvs!

Today is Lynnie's Birthday! I met Lynnie 6 years ago and we've been friends ever since. Both of us are only children and we have a very typical sibling relationship. We've experienced the ups and downs of life together. We've had our disagreements but our sisterly bond always brings us back together. So many times people ask me how did you two get so close. It was 5 years ago both of us were going through parallel situations of our marriages ended. For those of you that follow Lynnie on social media you know her heartbeat is her daughters. I've seen her survive divorce, learn how to co-parent, balance single motherhood, and mentoring other young girls as a cheer coach. All while working full-time, being a caretaker to her family, and pursuing her academic goals in the process. This is why so many people love Lynnie. She's a survivor and she makes it happen regardless of the cards she's dealt in life. 

This is why when I was thinking of a blog partner I knew she would be the best choice. Yes, she's supportive of your dreams and pushes you to go higher but she's also super creative. Lynnie has an extensive background in theatre production, audio and video editing, and sound equipment. She's acted and co-produced plays, enjoys graphic design, loves fashion styling, creates original t-shirt apparel designs, and 15+ years of professional bookkeeping experience. She's a go-getter, loves audio books, adores YouTube, and is an avid lover of Hip Hop music. 

She created her own blog site  discussing her daily experiences and the inspiration that she gathers from them. Now if that was not enough she's very talented at styling natural and relaxed hair. She's like 7 businesses in one! Most people are only blessed with one or two gifts but Lynnie has so many I feel like we discover one each year lol. This creative soul loves her family, enjoys traveling, and is single gentlemen (she's going to kill me for this lol). Still, I need to tell you about all the amazing things Lynnie has contributed to The Lux Blog since October 2015!  Not only is she the Co-Editor she's the behind the scenes mastermind that pushes me to "make it happen" when it coes to some of our most successful events. She was the "Red is the New Black" HIV Cure Fashion Show Director, Co-organizer of The Meet-up: Singles & Art of Cool Festival Editions, and photographer for Black Girls Rock Red Carpet 2016. This grown woman has no time to play games because she's about living her best life in 2018!

Happy Birthday Lynnie, you’re work ethic isn’t overlooked and I appreciate your help with my press kit along with all the work you do with The Lux. - Tony Ray, Media Personality
Lynnie has a heart of gold and always puts others before herself! Love ya Lynnie and Happy Birthday!
- Rashard Conrad
I love how Lynnie is always full of energy and about getting business done. - Indiana Giordani
Lynnie is a woman with a vivacious spirit and big heart. She brings energy to any room and I’m so happy she is a leader on The Lux Blog team. - Dr. Allison Mathews
Not only does Lynnie bring style and flavor that says “watch me werrrk”, but also a magnetic humor that can brighten up anyone’s day. - Tynique
Lynnie is not often celebrated because she’s always celebrating other people. Today we celebrate her! She’s an amazing grown woman and her friendship is a gift. - K. Knight
Lynnie is one of the greatest people I know. It’s not often you run into a person that makes you feel good about yourself. That speaks to the wonderful person she is. - DJ Wade Banner
I have a theory, let’s call it “The Lynnie Theory”. This is when your spirit is so lit and beautiful inside that your body can’t hold it all in. Therefore, the physical body is forced to compensate in the form of a luminous smile, radiant complexion, and curvaceous nubian appeal. - V8ga
Lynnie has a magnetic smile and laugh that will brighten ANY room. Her inner and outer beauty are parallel. I’m glad the blog has brought such an inspirational and ambitious woman in my life. - Dr. Katherine Jordan

Lynnie is a Co-Editor at The Lux Blog, member of Drucilla Chapter #19 OES, PHA, School Treasurer, Tiger Divas Head Cheer Coach, and mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Follow Lynnie on Instagram @Lynnie.910. 

Kimberly Knight