Durham Pride 2018: Keeping a Tradition Alive

UNC Rope Team Members and Volunteers - (Left-Bottom - Rashard Conrad)

UNC Rope Team Members and Volunteers - (Left-Bottom - Rashard Conrad)

Written By: Rashard Conrad

Photo Credit: UNC Rope Team

Editor’s Note: Shout out to our Creative Director Rashard Conrad for volunteering with UNC Rope Team at Pride: Durham! At the heart of The Lux Blog is community awareness, inclusion, and HIV awareness. Check out his article below.

Pride is a time of year where individuals from all walks of life can come together to celebrate the LGBTQ community, its heritage and culture.  The Pride Committee of North Carolina has been holding Pride events in Durham since 1986.  In 2017, after decades of events, the committee dissolved and the future of Pride was uncertain.  However, keeping the beliefs of the core values, that all people are worthy of equality, respect and dignity, The LGBTQ Center of Durham, stepped up to the plate and took over the event in 2018, which is now simply known as “Pride: Durham”

Pride: Durham 2018 Parade - Far right (Blogger Gabrielle Evans of Minority Sex Report)

Pride: Durham 2018 Parade - Far right (Blogger Gabrielle Evans of Minority Sex Report)

While volunteering with UNC Rope Team, this past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Pride: Durham.  I didn’t know what to expect at first, as this was my first time ever attending a Pride festival or Pride parade.  It turned out to be a fun and eye-opening experience for me on so many levels.  During a time in our country where hate runs rapid and can be seen and heard all of the time, it was extremely refreshing to attend an event and witness an event that was full of respect, peace, and love!  While at Pride, I had the opportunity to march in the parade which was full of floats, music, and a crowd that celebrated and embraced the essence of Pride.  The festival, which is family friendly, I witnessed people dancing to the live music, forming new connects and embracing each other for simply being their true authentic selves.  The festival also had plenty of food trucks and vendors.  There were vendors selling t-shirts and homemade jewelry, while some were providing information on sexual health and PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) a daily oral medication that reduces the transmission of HIV.  Also, there were even a vendors that were actually providing free massages and even tarot card readings. 

If you’ve never attended a Pride event before, I would definitely suggest taking time out to make it to next year’s Pride: Durham event!

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Learn More about Pride: Durham at https://www.lgbtqcenterofdurham.org/.

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