Meet The Hammonds: The Power (Couple) in Agreement

Written By: Tynique Kelly of Big Sister Talk

Photo Credit: The Hammonds

Raymond and January Hammond have been married for 8 years. I had the honor of interviewing this power couple on a Monday evening at Aloft hotel in Raleigh, NC. The couple showed up dressed to impress, not missing a beat! Their most noticeable accessory was their smile. We sat down to talk about their businesses Hammond Investments Inc. and MyssJanuary Events.

Hammond Investments Inc. - "Build A Better Life".


Raymond tell us how Hammond Investments Inc. came about?
I started out by just getting my real estate license. I thought I wanted to do traditional sales, but I realized it wouldn’t give me the time or freedom I thought I would have. So I started to look for other ways to invest and Hammond Investments Inc. came from that. So I started looking for foreclosed homes to fix up and put them on the market. It created residual income.

The market is so shaky, where did you find the confidence?
Fear should not stop you! You should have that faith to move forward. I realize that the everyday life that my parents or everyone else lives, was not the lifestyle I wanted. I wanted to take a risk. I feel like it's easier to take the risk now that I'm young and if I fail it shouldn't impact my whole life. Even more so just being a good example. We are called to be examples so just jump out there and try it!

What would you tell an individual who wants to start their own business but are afraid?
Have belief and passion behind it. Know that once you start to go for it there will be stumbling blocks that are there. Those stumbling block are only there to test the faith that you have. If it's something that you really want to do then the stumbling block should't stop you from it. Look at the stumbling blocks as fertilizer to success, they stink! But fertilizer also helps you to be able to grow.

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MyssJanuary Events - "You Dream It, I'll Plan, Prepare & Execute”.

Tell us about MyssJanuary Events?
This used to be a hobby for me, doing events. Then my husband told me that my hobby needed to bring in income. For a long time, since 2009, I was just doing this because I love it. I don't have certificates, I didn't go to school for it, or from anything I learned. I mean you should continue your education but for the most part it's just something I'm really passionate about.

So what was that next step after you decided to start a business from what was once just a hobby?
I started out with weddings and I didn't' know it was event planning at the time. When I started doing other events and they saw my weddings it was like whoa. As it evolved I learned in this area that event planning was huge. So I said let me see what I can do and I found my niche.

How is it working with your husband?
Ah interesting! We find a way to bring our businesses together. He is a great supporter and he tolerates my madness at home. I had two weddings in August and the living room was covered with linens and decor. Whatever he can do for me he will. An awesome support system. We try to support each other when it comes to our businesses. I keep the books straight and we make a good team. We know each others strengths and weaknesses.

I really enjoyed interviewing this couple. They're a positive example of black love and the power in agreement.When two come together they can build a strong empire that will last!

Kimberly Knight