A Recap of the 2018 World AIDS Day Summit: NC Beyond HIV

Written By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Alexandria Anderson of AfroCurl Photography

Happy #ThrowBackThursday Luvs!

Last month was a blur to say the least but it kicked off in an amazing way! I was afforded the opportunity to co-organize the first World AIDS Day Summit for the State of North Carolina at the NC Executive Mansion in collaboration with the Office of Public Engagement, NC Executive Mansion Staff, Office of the First Lady of North Carolina, Digital LinCS, 2BeatHIV, Department of Health & Human Services, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Institute of Global Health & Infectious Disease. This was nothing short of historic and it was an honor to serve in this capacity with Dr. Allison Mathews.

So now that we have the preliminaries out of the way let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why this event was so amazing. So I mentioned Allison earlier but we had our blog’s Creative Director Rashard Conrad serving as the Volunteer Coordinator and our blog’s photographer Alexandria Anderson at the event as well.

So long story short The Lux Blog NC was in the mansion!

We covered all types of topics on our esteemed panels from criminal justice, rural communities, access to care, and so on but what made this event so amazing was the fact that African American millennals were apart of the planning process. We let our voices be heard and addressed the issues we see in North Carolina in relation to people living with HIV. We vocalized for our community members and set an expectation that beyond World AIDS Day we needed to make social change. It was a thrilling feeling to be apart of this moment.

However, for this post I wanted to talk about how I felt on that day. It was a mixed feeling of emotions indeed. As I reflected on the happenings of the day I was reminded of why I am an advocate in the first place. My late husband, Brandon Moore, is one reason but it is for the “Kimberlys” in the world that do not have the knowledge or empowerment to ask their partner’s status. On this day history was made and it was to support people like Brandon who was living with HIV and for people like me who are affected by it. I had a few tears of joy on that day because now my chapter with Brandon has come full circle. It was a joyous occasion with fine china, great colleagues, and most of all support for those dear to us living with HIV. The best part is in this new year the conversation will continue.

Check out a few images below from the 2018 World AIDS Day Summit.

Kimberly Knight