Electric Relaxation: A Night with The Internet and Moonchild

Written By: AJ “V8ga” Hilliard

Photo Credit: AJ “V8ga” Hilliard

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We arrived at The Ritz in Raleigh, NC a little before the doors opened for the show. The line was wrapped around the building. I was touched by the number of smiles and joyful expressions on everyone’s faces. I parked, took off my jacket, and opened the doors immediately in an attempt to hurry up and race to the gates. We were stopped in our tracks by the cold wind smacking us in our faces. We hopped back in the van laughing at how we had zero warning of the climate situation. The crowd waiting patiently gave us no indication. Once I gathered myself and set back out to brave the cold, we entered the line and were greeted with warm embraces from familiar faces and strangers alike. We chit chatted with those who shared our eagerness to see the bands we’ve grown to love. The cold became a non-factor within minutes. At that moment, I understood the energy that comforted the gathering.


Once inside the venue, smiles and excitement continued. The Lux  ran into a few recording artists that were in attendance including @tre.mars of @thekidsdowntown, @jayvin_93 of @nitto_5 and @theevickjagger of Jamla Records.

How do you feel about The Internet?

@tre.mars @thekidsdowntown

“The Internet” has been one of my favorite bands for years.  Their vibe is out of this world. They have inspired “The Kids Downtown” to bring forth a sound that is soulful and funky as they are! I love the Internet!


There was a calm vibrancy running through the venue. The creativity and beauty was so diversified from all the fashion forward attendees. I’m a fashion guy so I was slightly distracted and was startled when Moonchild jumped into their performance of “The List” from their Voyager  album. From that moment on, it was a cool and electrifying night filled with vibes. Moonchild blessed us with several cuts from current and past albums as well as a rendition of Jill Scott’s  “A Long Walk” in which the crowd assisted word for word. Prior to the show, I knew very little about Moonchild. I’m proud to say , now I’m officially a fan.

Just when I thought the crowd couldn’t get any louder, The Internet took the stage and the building erupted. The band took their places on the set that was made to look like a comfortable kickback spot for the cool kids. The lead singer, Syd, could barely contain her smiles and blushes to perform her song as screams and “We love you Syd” chants echoed throughout The Ritz. They continued “Come Together” and performed a few more songs from Hive Mind before bouncing around their catalog of hits. One of the best indicators of how dope the show was could be the ghost cameo of J. Cole bobbing his head to the grooves upstairs with a hoodie pulled tight as possible to disguise his attendance. I have personal favorites from The Internet’s albums I was looking forward to seeing performed. After hearing a few of the songs I previously neglected live, I now have an urge to ignore the skip button.

Were you a fan of Moonchild and The Internet before and what did you think about both performers?


Yes! I was a fan before the show. The show was great! I was greatly impressed with their performance. The band, the tunes, instruments, and vocals helped to create a special vibe that isn’t always easily achievable in a live set. They did a great job in bringing Hive Mind to life, with touches of older material which created a great balance.

Moonchild and The Internet came to Raleigh and reminded us all how music can be cool and soothing yet invigorating and inspirational, truly electric relaxation.

Thank you for Lux’n Wit Us, V8ga



AJ "V8ga" Hilliard