Inkspired Organizers Talk Favorite Poets & What's Next in 2019

Written By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Lynette of Write Productions

Tell us about where you’re from.

Krystal Argentin: I’m from Jacksonville, NC. by way of Brooklyn, NY but now reside in Raleigh, NC.

Curtis Lee Heel Jr. : I’m from Maysville, NC and reside in Raleigh, NC. Also, I have an Associates in Liberal Arts.

When did your career in poetry begin?

Krystal Argentin: I've been writing since elementary school but I got serious with poetry about 3 years ago.

Curtis Lee Heel Jr. : I began writing poetry in 6th grade but became serious about writing in 2007.

Who are your Top 3 poets?

Krystal Argentin: My top 3 poets keep changing but currently Lee Chapman, a local Raleigh poet. He completely embodies every piece he does with ease. Colin Watson, another local poet, I love his stories and my business partner Curtis "s.P." Though he doesn't perform, his poetry is complex and rich in heart.

Curtis Heel Jr. : My top 3 poets to read are Kelly Goodman, R.M. Drake, and Isis Sun. My top 3 spoken word artists are Dasan Ahanu, Jasmine Mans, and Rebecca Dupas.

What are misconceptions people have about poets or poetry?

Krystal Argentin: The biggest misconception about poetry is that it's one dimensional. Poetry can take on so many forms, songs, letters screenplays... poetry can be any and everything.

Curtis Heel Jr.: People think that all poets perform and people act as though all performers are good. As great as poetry is as a genre, i feel if more people were more self aware and honest with themselves and others the poetry community would be even stronger. 

What would you like for the audience to experience when attending your poetry shows?

Krystal Argentin: I want my audiences to see the benefit of collaboration. The core of s.P. Endeavors is our collaborative nature. We are truly building relationships and putting emphasis on the saying "We are better together".

Curtis Heel Jr.: I want my audiences to experience a wide range of emotions! I want people to laugh and cry. I long for my audiences to think. I want show goers to agree with and be slightly offended by my work. When someone leaves my show I want them to have experienced a poem, a song, or a moment that they feel like they would never get anywhere else because if they feel that way I've enriched their lives in some way and they have to come back!

What are the benefits in your opinion of having a business partner?

Krystal Argentin: Having s.P. as a business partner is amazing and the benefits includes me being able to be my best self, shine in my niche areas, and contribute the best I have to the company. Where I lack he picks up and vice versa.

Curtis Heel Jr.: Krystal is a God sent ! I like to be in control but having someone to help me with configuring parts of the plan that are not my strong suits or things I dislike doing frees me up to concentrate more on the creative side of s.P. Endeavors. She has also literally saved me thousands of dollars with her knowledge and expertise on event planning and building a business. Without her I would be way behind where I am with the early success of s.P. Endeavors.

What words of inspiration would you offer poets interested in showcasing their work?

Krystal Argentin: BELIEVE! I started this journey and only believed in the vision of my partner not my own ability to be great or my greatness. If you want to do something start with believing in yourself and that will anchor you in the midst of the roller coaster.

Curtis Heel Jr.: Do what you are great at. Don't be like everyone else. Find your lane and drive in THAT lane. As soon as you start trying to be like everyone else ... then you start being like everyone else.

What's next for your business in 2019?

Krystal Argentin: 2019 will be full of can't miss shows! Next up is Inkspired : The Heart Edition on Valentine's Day. Later in the year will be my version of an erotic show along with a new version of Inkspired. There will also be new s.P. merch coming as well as finalizing plans to take the show on the road to Greensboro, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

Do you have any holiday traditions you are looking forward to this year?

Krystal Argentin: I don't celebrate the typical holidays but I plan to be at a NYE event in downtown Raleigh.

Curtis Heel Jr.: Zero lol. I forgot it was the holidays until you said something. I'm focused and also frugal. So I don't buy gifts.

What are your social media handles?

Krystal Argentin:

Instagram - @krystaldamuse

Facebook - Krystal Argentin

Twitter - @Krystaldamuse

Krystal “KrystalDaMuse” Argentin

Curtis Lee Heel Jr.:

Instagram - @spthewriter

Facebook - Curtis L. Heel Jr

Twitter - @TheTrueSP

Kimberly Knight