Black Joy: Black August in the Park 2018

Photo Credit: Deryle Daniels Jr. 

Happy Wednesday Luvs!

Every year there are a few select events in Durham I must attend. One of them being Black August in the Park. It's an experience I highly recommend because this is a homegrown event from people that are from and live in the Bull City. It's literally like a Black family reunion mixed with a music concert with a dash of a vendor marketplace. I love it! The best part is the view in my opinion because it's nothing like looking out at the lawn at Durham Central Park and seeing all these beautiful hues of Black people. That image is what brings me back every year because we come together to celebrate what is often in mass media disrespected and degraded which is our Blackness. We can be as colorful, joyful, and happy as we want without a threat of disrespect or violence against us. Black August in the Park is a safe space on Sunday afternoon every year and we are graced with the cleansing of rain every time. It's one of the main attractions I would say because the images captured of happy Black folk in the rain is breathtaking. No one is worried about a thing and we are just free to be as Black as we want to be.

Photo Credit: Deryle Daniels Jr. 

As you know the city of Durham is changing at a rapid speed and the "Blackness" this city is known for is starting to look less Black and more diverse. Which is not a bad thing because the city is growing but I hope in the midst of growth we don't lose Durham's "Blackness" during this transitional time. The fact is Black culture is what attracts people to this city. Still, we must express gratitude to the organizers of Black August in the Park, their amazing volunteers, and sponsors that see the importance of this annual event. They have not only provided us an event but an experience for the entire family. Oh how I wish in Wilson, NC we had Black August in the Park type of events. I love how so many generations were represented especially the under 10 year old children joyfully playing in the rain. Our children need to see this type of unity amongst us because so many times we are pushed apart. I know this is just once a year but imagine if we kept this same excitement, enthusiasm to support each other, and love of our culture all year long? That sounds beautiful just to type that. Fact is just because your pro-Black that does not make your anti anyone else but it means you are empowered by the spirit the ancestors wanted for us all which I believe is unity. So if you missed this year that's okay I hope to see you there next year God willing and the creek don't rise. 

Photo Credit: @PrettyFabWriter

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Kimberly Knight