10,000 Hours, From students of the culture to Masters of the Mic

Written By: AJ "V8ga" Hilliard

Content Edited By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Lanette Lee of Write Productions & Lynnie of LFJ Images

The sun was starting to set with orange hues reflecting off the lake behind the Main stage. A few trucks pulled up slowly and I could hardly contain myself wondering who it would be. Every person in this caravan smiled as they walked up the back hill with carefree strides, laughter, and sunny dispositions. It was clear that this was one of the many artists of the festival and their team. What was also clear is that this wasn’t work, this is the fruit of years of labor. Each person in this entourage plays a key role in the success and brilliance of the package that is delivered every time the curtain rises. The hours that these professionals put in is why crowds salivate in anticipation as artists tease with familiar vocal chants from backstage well before any face is visible. This is the experience fans expect. This is the combination of long hours of practice, sleep deprived days, and years of dedication. This is how M.C.’s become Masters.

On Friday August 24th, The Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary,NC was host to an array of "Masters" of entertainment. Fans of all ages participated in the theme of the event by dressing in full-on complete Adidas suits with brim hats, thick 80’s gold rope chains, and other hip hop apparel from that respected era. Those that weren’t dressed up were adorned in more casual attire such as summer dresses and shorts, waiting patiently under umbrellas in ideal spots on the lawn. The Lux ran into a few of the attendees and asked them to share their experience at this venue as well as which masters they enjoyed.

Hip-Hop Legend Doug E. Fresh

Hip-Hop Legend Doug E. Fresh

@kk_u_luvme - Is this your first time coming to the Koka Theatre in Cary?

"Yes, first time here and i love it!"

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most, and who had the best performance?

"Dougie Fresh, best performance hands down Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick."

Delegate for Ms. Full-Figured of North Carolina - Telena Banks

Delegate for Ms. Full-Figured of North Carolina - Telena Banks

Who did you come to see tonight?

"I came to support Darrian Dwissh, the comedian (host), he has helped me with connections like the Family Fun Day in Chavis Park and a fundraiser with Rooted from the Soul radio in Roxboro, Mr Cheeks, Dougie Fresh, and Man all of them!" - @telenaforqueen

The Lux Blog caught up with a few of the event artists and got their opinions on North Carolina and what they’ve been up to.

Mr. Cheeks on IG @mrcheekslbmafia

What do you like about North Carolina?

"The women, the food, you know it’s positive thoughts about NC."

What are you working on now, any new projects in the works?

"We got a new single coming out later called “Stand Our Ground." New music will be available on iTunes, Tidal, and all platforms check us out!"

Treach (Naughty by Nature) on IG @treachtribe

What you think about North Carolina, and the love you get coming down here?

"Norrrrrrttttttth Carolinaaaaaa!!!!! stand up!!!(Petey Pablo voice). Half my relatives moved down here so it’s like a reunion."

Lil Vicious on IG @don_vicious

What’s up Vicious it’s been awhile, what you been up to?

"Ah man, I’ve been around. I’ve been working on some new projects releasing my new single Sept 9th. I’m actually releasing 2 videos and one is featuring Mavado. I’m in a good space right now. You can find me on all major platforms @don_vicious."

There wasn’t a frown in the whole theatre, when lips weren’t smiling they were open wide reciting the soundtracks of our lives word for word. This was truly a moment that reminded us of a simple more carefree time. The crowd grew up alongside these artists and trusted they would deliver like always. The Jireh Management Group put together a strong group of professionals that have been fully dedicated to their respected crafts. We all got exactly what was advertised. The result of 10,000 hours, Mic Mastery.

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Kimberly Knight