PB & Jams #HashTagLunchBag Event Glows Up in the Bull City


Written By: Kimberly Knight

Photos By: Kimberly Knight

Happy Tuesday Luvs!

It feels so good to blog again! I know we have a lot of catching up to do but my first blog outing since I've been away was "PB & Jams", an official #Hashtaglunchbag event, at Cocoa Cinnamon in Lakewood. The event was curated by the amazingly talented and beautiful Founder of Nakoma Marketing & PR company Chelsey Bentley Holts. I'm sure your wondering where have I heard that name? I'll tell you. She's one of the creative cool ones from the Art of Cool Festival. For the past 4 years she's been serving as the Marketing Director of one of the most attended festivals in NC and it was referenced as the "Coachella of Jazz" by The Huffington Post. Maybe it was when you saw her working the press area for the Beats & Bars Festival, Carolina Music Awards, or A3C Festival. This year she's working with the highly anticipated Dreamville Festival. Plus, her clients have been featured in major publications and with each client she adds a personal touch to building their brand. 


Still, "PB & Jams" was different. It was personal. It was about community for Chelsey and her brand. That's what made this event feel so nostalgic. So here are a few plugs that helped make this event so successful. The event host was K 97.5's Mir.I.Am, music powered by Gemnyii, and featured many local vendors plus Mama Voulas food truck. Event sponsors included Carolina Waves, Beauties with Brains, DopeCauseWeSaid, Trendy Nailz Salon, and yours truly The Lux Blog. 

Originally, the goal was 100 PB&J sandwiches but because of the power of community interest nearly 300 sandwiches were delivered to Urban Ministries in Durham, NC. Now that's what we call success! I think sometimes people feel you need a lot of money or resources to make an event successful. Yes, those things definitely help tremendously but when you have people supporting you from the community you pour your passion into that makes a difference too. This event helped provide food for so many people in need and the hope is it will provide not only nourishment but a sense of self-value because the community showed out for a great cause! 

So we got a chance to see Chelsey in her element and talk to her about what made her decide to have an event like this. 

“I’m both humbled and amazed at the support on this event! My goal was to create an atmosphere of community - networking with others, socializing, and giving back at the same time! We were able to triple our goal of 100 sandwiches, and provide some much needed donations to an organization that is working to end homelessness in the area. The event was amazing, so many people working together for good, enjoying each other’s company, and supporting local artists and businesses. I’m more than excited to work on presenting another one soon. “ - Chelsey Bentley Holts, Founder of Nakoma Marketing & PR

@PrettyFabWriter & #DrCourt - Drawing on Lunch Bags

@PrettyFabWriter & #DrCourt - Drawing on Lunch Bags

Every blog post I've written has been a teachable moment for me. This time it's the lesson of knowing if you just step out on faith with your goals the rest will fall into place. As you can see Chelsey envisioned 100 sandwiches but nearly 300 were made. She saw a national platform, #Hashtaglunchbag, bring people in various communities together to fight homelessness. She brought that concept to the Bull City and we stepped up to help. That takes guts, creativity, organizing, but most of all faith. Congratulations Chelsey you did it and not only did you do it you went beyond measure. That's inspiring and we will continue to support you!

Keep in touch with Chelsey @nakomapr on IG for her upcoming events! 

Until Next Time Ladies & Gentlemen This is The Lux Blog - K. Knight 

Kimberly Knight