Love Unscripted: Date Night Staycation at Unscripted Durham

Written By: Kimberly M. Knight

Photo Credit: Alexandria Anderson of AfroCurl Photography

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to Unscripted Durham, Counting House, AfroCurl Photography, Rachel Stewart Jewelry, and Bulldega Urban Market. This blog post is dedicated to our sponsor Unscripted Durham Hotel and YouTube Influencer Nia the Light, also known as @niathelight on Instagram, for inspiring this blog post concept.

Happy Thursday Luvs,

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2019. I’m excited to share with you my holiday date night staycation with my beloved Courtney, also known as #DrCourt, at Unscripted Durham hotel located in downtown Durham, North Carolina. We wanted to add a twist to our date night and experience a staycation visit. As you may remember earlier this year we hosted “The Meetup: Singles Mixer & Charity Dating Auction” at Unscripted Durham and it is one of my favorite hotels in the area. However, I wanted to share with my subscribers what an experience in downtown Durham would be like and to offer options for fellow staycation enthusiasts seeking new places to explore.

The first thing I noticed once I entered the lobby was the professionalism and welcoming gestures of the staff. Whether we were talking with the front desk attendants, bartenders, or leadership team each moment was pleasant but most of all genuine. Customer service is art an form in itself and one thing I take notice of when patronizing businesses is how I’m treated. Since they opened nearly 2 years ago I have not had an unpleasant experience at Unscripted Durham and that’s why I keep supporting them. So let’s get back to the experience. We needed a few things off of our shopping list so we stopped by the conveniently located Bulldega Urban Market to pick up a few things and we sampled some MATI Energy drinks. My favorite was the Passion fruit flavored energy drink and it’s not a bitter taste but just enough kick to keep the night going.

One option you can do on your date night staycation at Unscripted Durham is inviting friends to join you for delicious wine and cocktails in “The Studio” area. This area is filled with plush pillows on gorgeous vintage-inspired couches and surrounded by beautiful art work. We decided to invite our personal friends Marcus Hawley Founder of Natty Neckware and Recording Artist & Grammy-nominated The Foreign Exchange group member Tamisha Waden for an evening of great conversation and a toast to the New Year with new opportunities. Friendship is a gift and what better way to enjoy your date night than cocktails with your friends. This can add a fun touch to your staycation and introduce them to a new place for their own staycation ideas. Wine is always better with friends.

Then it was time to get dressed up for a wine tasting and dinner. Courtney and I love any excuse to get all dressed up especially now that we live in two different time zones. Therefore, on date nights we love to take our look to another level and the beauty of staycations is you can wear whatever you like. We decided to go back to the Bulldega Urban Market for a wine tasting with a special staycation-themed wine and cheese bag set. The wine was absolutely delicious, a full-body Malbec Tilia wine, that was included in our staycation bag set with honey and fig goat cheese along with crackers. However, by this point I’m ready for dinner and one of my favorite fine dining locations in downtown Durham is Counting House. They have romantic table seating areas where you can have privacy with your love or if you prefer to have your friends join you there is seating for larger parties. The pheasant was tender and delicious and Courtney went for a more American fare-style burger. The best part of dinner was we were joined by the signature pink penguin! Sure it may seem a bit “interesting” to have a large pink penguin at your table but it makes for great photos.

Date night staycation was a great success and I had a wonderful time conversing with my beloved. We live such busy lives so it was really nice to take some time for one another. Unscripted Durham offers a variety of experiences when you stay with them. It’s unique creative charm, delicious food and cocktail options, and rooftop patio seating with heated lamps and a fire pit makes for a great night out. The Winter rooftop patio menu offers a variety of warm cocktails to keep you cozy on these cool Durham nights. Are you looking for nightlife entertainment? No worries Unscripted Durham has it covered with their signature weekend DJ events in “The Studio” where you can listen to Durham’s hottest DJs mixing some of your favorite hits.

So next time you are ready for a weekend rendezvous with your love or a girls night in check-in at Unscripted Durham and tell them The Lux Blog NC sent you! #LiveLifeUnscripted

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