Angie’s Ambition: The Bold and The Lovely


Written By: AJ “V8ga” Hilliard

Photo Credit: Angie Hall

We often find ourselves daydreaming about positions seemingly unattainable. Some of us make excuses while procrastinating with the hope that our destiny will somehow find us. It’s one thing to believe in our own potential and another to actually have the courage to convert ideas into accomplishments.  Angie Hall discovered a few important principles that would become essential for her success. She soon understood that she had the same potential as her business owner friends. She also realized nothing would be given to her. Through careful planning, hard work and sacrifice she lifted herself into the entrepreneurial role she knew she deserved.  Belief in oneself is a lovely sight to behold and fortune historically favors the bold.

Where were you born, and where are you currently located?

I was born and raised in Wilson NC, and i’m currently located in Raleigh.


What were some of your interests and hobbies growing up, and what are some of the things you love now as an adult?

Oh I was a tomboy. I used to love playing football and basketball. I grew up in a neighborhood with all boys. I had to do what the guys were doing.  I love to sing. I’m a friendly person and a talkative person but I actually like being alone. I love nature, I love to fish, and I love walks in the park alone. I love looking at the trees or looking up at the moon, the sky, the clouds. I’m a peaceful type person.

What are your current businesses and organizations?

I have a non-profit organization called The Hall Foundation. We do a lot of community support and fundraising. We have a prom dress drive coming up where we give out free prom dresses. I have Lovely Lady Boutique & Glam Bar which is located at 2801 1-E Ward Blvd in Wilson ,NC. My glam bar has a salon area in the boutique with hair stylists, make-up artists, and lash techs. We do teeth whitening, detox, yoni steam, and we also do body contouring. I offer business classes and I haven’t put it out there yet but i’m actually a small business coach. I’m starting Aspiring Entrepreneurs Academy where I will teach steps and guide people on becoming entrepreneurs.

What’s some advice you could give minority women trying to start a business?

African American women are growing as far as being entrepreneurs. This is a great time for any woman especially African American women. There are so many grants available for black business owners. If you can start a business while maintaining a full time job, this is the perfect time to do it.

What are some of your upcoming events?

April 7-9th is our prom dress drive were we will be giving away prom dresses to the area high school students at Lovely Lady Boutique & Glam Bar. Also, in April I will be having my next business class but it’ll be a Sunday. More than likely that last Sunday in April.  I just released my book it’s called Be Your Own Boss. It’s an entrepreneur start-up guide that is out now and available for purchase. If you’d like to purchase it just email me at I do a tea party every year that will be held in August. It’s usually called Lovely Ladies Brunch Royal Tea Party. This year I’m changing the theme to be “Fearlessly You”. I think women are afraid to jump out, and are afraid of criticism. It’s just something for women to come out fellowship and support each other and discuss different topics. We’re laughing one minute and crying the next.


Where can our readers reach you on social media?

Ig @learnwithangie , @lovelyladyglamboutique

Book available

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