So Glossy Teen Entrepreneur Arica Scott Talks Beauty, Business, & Entrepreneurship


Written By: Kimberly M. Knight

Photo Credit: Brown Boy Photography

Editor’s Note: A special thank you to Dr. Sheria Rowe of DRowe Enterprise and the family of Arica Scott for being our first teen entrepreneur feature. For press or bookings for Arica Scott contact Dr. Sheria Rowe at

Teen Entrepreneur & Raleigh-native Arica Scott found her enterpreneurial interests in beauty cosmetics at a young age. She is the owner of So Glossy Lip Gloss and is taking her love of beauty to the next level. However, she is not your typical 16 year old and has ambitions to start her own clothing line as well as obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She’s a junior at Ravenscroft School and has participated in many activities including student organizations like Spoken Word, Ravens for Social Justice, and Young Bosses which is focused on inspiring youth to go for their entrepreneurial goals. I had an opportunity to sit down with this lovely young lady to ask her about life as an entrepreneur and what we can expect next from her in 2019.

Where did you find your inspiration to be an entrepreneur?

My mom has her own businesses so I’ve been looking at her but it was something that naturally came to me. I feel like once you see your parents having their own you want your own too. So I wanted to start my own thing I just didn’t know it would be lip gloss.

What made you decide to launch a lip gloss collection?

I wear lip gloss and it was the only thing I wear but I was on Instagram one day and all the girls purchasing lip gloss were on pages that had lip gloss collections. I told my mom I’m going to start my own lip gloss. She didn’t believe me because I had said multiply times I would start other stuff but I just didn’t have the time or I just said it. After the first few weeks she saw me researching and that I was still on it. She said, “Oh you’re serious about this”.

How did you start your lip gloss collection?

When I first started I thought I would be making the lip gloss because the other lip glosses pages were making theirs. To me it personally didn’t make sense because it would take you hours to make it and I had to buy the gel, glitter, and everything. So I found a manufacturer and told them how I wanted the lip gloss to look. I didn’t want it to feel sticky but I wanted it to look sticky with a wet type of look that shines. It’s hard to find a lip gloss like that.


What life lessons have you learned so far as a teen entrepreneur?

You gotta keep pushing! You may not have the certain amount of orders you want this month but you have to still keep doing it. I remember not having many orders and these girls came up to me telling me they have my lip glosses. It’s simple things like that you have to look at. I realized I haven’t even had it a year yet and I have to look at all the things I’ve done so far. So you can’t be hard on yourself once you have a business.

What is the age ranges of your customers?

The age range of customers is all over but my new collection coming out is for ages 14-34.

What other teen entrepreneurs have inspired you?

Amor Jaden from Atlanta and she started with a hair company. Before that I use to watch her on Instagram and I watched her platform grow from selling t-shirts to her hair company. I went to her event in Atlanta and I felt I could relate to her. She’s African-American and there are not that many African-American teen entrepreneurs plus we both started at the same age. The best part about attending the events is you can meet other entrepreneurs in other cities that have the same business as you.

How do your friends and peers feel about your business?

My friends support me. My best friend she goes to all of my events and they all repost my content.

What challenges , if any, have you faced with having your own business?

I’m learning to balance school and my business. This junior year has been rough but I am trying. The best thing you can do is turn your homework in and to keep a calendar. So I’m trying hard to find balance.


What’s next in 2019?

I have a new collection coming out and I am working on a clothing line. I have shirts now but I wanted to do an urban skateboard girl’s style of clothing. I’ve always liked fashion and watching other businesses, not just cosmetics, has been inspiring me.

What words of encouragement do you have for other teens?

Make sure you do all your research and plan all your stuff out. You don’t want to plan just anything so create a plan then stick to it.

Interviewing Arica was very inspiring as I could see her enthusiasm to being her own boss. Each blog post I typically post a life lesson I’ve learned from the people I interviewed. This interview was about generational wealth building and it starts at home. I appreciate hearing how Arica’s parents have been her inspiration to create her own business at such a young age. She’s determined, anxious, excited, and most of all she is enjoying the moments of entrepreneurship. If only The Lux Blog NC was created when I was 16. Yet, Arica made a valid point by saying it had only been a year in business for her and for The Lux Blog NC we are only 3 years old. I have peers whom are celebrating 10+ years in blogging and I can’t wait to see what’s next for us and Arica Scott.

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