Beyu Blue Coffee: The Official 2019 Art of Cool Festival Coffee Provider


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"Beyu Blue Coffee: The Official 2019 Art of Cool Festival Coffee Provider"

Durham, NC., September 25, 2019 -

The highly-anticipated "2019 Art of Cool Festival" is almost here and Beyu Blue Coffee is the official coffee provider for the festival. Beyu Blue Coffee in collaboration with the "2019 Art of Cool Festival" welcomes festival attendees to Durham, NC. Last Summer, Beyu Caffe expanded onto Duke University's campus with a grand opening for Beyu Blue Coffee to serve faculty, staff, and students. Beyu Blue Coffee offers a variety of hot coffee, espresso classics, specialty coffee blends, and herbal teas to satisfy your coffee needs.

Beyu Caffe has been the place to "Be-you" since they opened in 2009. Beyu Caffe, is a creative coffeehouse combination combining both European and southern hip-hop influences that offers premium coffees by a diverse team of baristas. Over the years, the well-received coffeehouse has been host to special events, community forums, live musical entertainment, visiting celebrities, community members, a daily work space for locals, and preferred venue for the Art of Cool Festival. It is located in Duke's Bryan Center just a few feet away from where the Beyu Caffe and Beyu Blue Coffee President, Dorian Bolden, met his beloved wife, Duke Alumna, Taineisha Bolden. It's the personal stories and connections to the community like this that make Beyu Caffe and Beyu Blue Coffee places to "Be-you".

Beyu Caffe will be an official music venue hosting musical acts such as The Amours and Mark Allen Felton. We invite you to stop by during your AOC Festival weekend to experience the place to be.

Keep in touch and tag us on social media @BeyuCaffe and @BeyuBlue on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!

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"Although I love coffee, I used to think coffee was the worst tasting beverage when I tried it as a kid from my mom's cup, and I went all throughout high school and college never trying the beverage again. It wasn't until I was working as an adult after college that I tried a caramel latte which opened me up to trying coffee, and over the years, I became a fan of the flavor and various drinks".
- Dorian Bolden, President of Beyu Caffe & Beyu Blue Coffee